Adding Sports Schedules to Google Calendars

Well, after some record-breaking numbers in the first quarter, we’re back at it; continuing to change the way people manage their sports organizations through software. We had some really cool things happen in the first quarter for…

We traveled to two different conventions: the US Lacrosse convention in Philadelphia, PA and the US Youth Soccer Workshop in Boston. We also started working with the largest youth lacrosse league in the country, MYLA – Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association, boasting 40,000+ players in the league. And one of the coolest things that happened was working with our first customer in Shanghai, not to mention, developing a couple new national partners that we hope to launch in Q2. Ok, ok enough with the joys of (What can I say? We’re excited!)

On to the meat of the meal: How to add your players’ schedules to your Google Calendar. It’s about this time of year that we’re getting a lot of calls and emails for this very simple process. In response, I was able to develop a video that will show you how to use the Multi-Schedule feature to aggregate all of your players’ schedules into a single feed and then add this to your Google Calendar (or other calendaring program). Feel free to pass this along to the parents and coaches in your organization:

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